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Here at Coast West Homes we LOVE working with the Realtor community. We understand the importance of working with Realtors, and we value our one-on-one relationships with our agents and brokers. We have purchased multiple properties throughout California and select cities across the country – most of which were purchased with the help of real estate professionals. Simply put… our business wouldn’t be the same without our Agents.

We LOVE to pay agents!

Yes! Just like you, we have licensed agents on our team. However, we are not interested in commissions. We are interested in purchasing distressed properties that are in need of repairs! We are more interested in working with PROFESSIONAL real estate agents who can help us locate, purchase, and RESELL our projects.

What We Look For:

Distressed residential homes and multi-units located in strong, stable markets that are in need of repair, remodel, or full redevelopment.

How We Buy:

Coast West Homes has purchased many homes in the past fourteen years right here in California and nationwide:

  • We ALWAYS purchase CASH (no mortgage or appraisal contingencies!)

  • We close FAST – as early as 7-14 days or as long as the seller needs

  • We never ask the owner to make repairs

  • We will take on the responsibility to make all repairs, obtain the correct municipal certificates, and we can even assist the sellers with cleaning out their property!

Submit a Deal:

If you have a seller who can truly benefit from a CASH offer, then fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to set up a showing!
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